What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Clean & Healthy Salmon in a Flash

This is my 3rd salmon recipe! And it's alway fun recreating a simple way to prepare it. This comes together so quickly that anyone can squeeze this into their busy schedule! That's what we all need - simple, clean, & healthy!!! And that's exactly what I did here.  Salmon is a family favorite in the [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Garlic Cauliflower Rice

"Garlic Cauliflower Rice" It’s been around for a while now but very underutilized in my kitchen. Here is my reminder with all of it’s tasty & nutritious goodness! I used a medium head of cauliflower and removed the florets, then added in batches to my mini food processor pulsing until rice pieces formed. So insanely [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: A Fun Spin on Chickpeas

We are in the throws of a 28 Day Whole Foods Reset Group and it's going great! My participants are reaching out with how wonderful they feel - bloating is gone, feel more clear (brain fog gone), inflammation and pain is decreasing and losing some weight as a bonus. I am always looking for a [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: How to Naturally Sweeten Overnight Oats Hack

Breakfast is a favorite meal of mine! From smoothies to pancakes to oatmeal - I am all in. I am currently running a Whole Foods Reset group aiming to offer a nice variety of breakfast options. I added certified gluten free oats to the food list and wanted to come up with a way to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Chicken Kale Chili

It's our first Nor'easter of 2021! And what better way to take it on than with a hearty and healthy Chicken Kale Chili. I have to admit, this was a recipe I crafted based off of foods I had on hand. And it became "recipe worthy" without having to make additional modifications. I love to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: What’s Vegan, Comforting and Packed with Nutrition?

If you guessed, Root Veggie & Squash Soup - you get the gold star on this very fine Monday! This recipe is client inspired and when I was told about the basic ingredients, I was in! Simple soup is the best and when you get the added bonus of it being packed with nutrients - [...]

You Deserve a Clean Slate

“You Deserve a Clean Slate” Only a FEW Slots Remain!!!! Having a hard time finding the inner motivation to stay 100% focused on your health in 2021? Let me help you find the way. My 28 Day Whole Foods Reset starts soon (Feb. 1) and you don’t want to miss this! Recapture that energy Covid [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Clean Banana Cookies

Have to confess, I have never - as in ever - baked or cooked with almond flour. I have bought it before but never ended up using it. Why, you wonder? What health coach doesn't use almond flour? It's for personal reasons - our daughter is allergic to all tree nuts and I always felt [...]

Beating Covid Fatigue

“Beating Covid Fatigue” We all have high hopes of escaping the wrath of 2020 and get that fresh, new start we deserve. I will continue to think positive and lean on the fact, we will come out of this difficult time. As we are still in the thick of it, we can hold on to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Acai Smoothie Bowl

Acai has really grown in popularity - yet there are still so many people learning more about it. There are "bowl" restaurants popping up in towns throughout the country. They are like a magical treat - taste amazing and have some incredible health benefits. What is Acai? It's known as a berry when in fact [...]

Lessons of 2020

“Lessons of 2020” It’s been quite the year – the year of 2020. This will likely go down as one of the worst years for many. We have all been challenged on some level. How we have handled those challenges is what truly defines us. We have learned to adapt. From remote school and work [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Zucchini Fries

Cravings are a funny thing right? After a phone conversation with a dear friend, I was inspired to make these zucchini fries. She was having them with her dinner and I knew I had at least 3 medium-sized zucchini in my refrigerator. Back in the day, I used to love getting the zucchini fries at [...]