What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Not Your Average Outback Wings

I remember those younger years and eating out. We would commonly get a plate of hot chicken wings as an appetizer. Do you love getting hot wings when out to dinner? While they are super tasty, they are also filled with unnecessary calories, fat and additives. The saturated fat and high sodium content are the [...]

Feel Amazing going into Memorial Day Weekend! Slim Down in Just 5 Days!

SLIM DOWN in just 5 days! Starts May 17th - Don’t Miss out!   Tired about obsessing over calories? Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? Tired of pills, powders, and diet shakes? You definitely do NOT need all of that to get the results you want and need!   [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Eat Your Oats – Cold or Hot!

Now that we are in the heart of Spring, many don't think about oatmeal for breakfast. It tends to be a winter comfort food. To my pleasant surprise, overnight oats are absolutely delicious cold! There are so many awesome combinations for overnight oats. And it's so fun exploring all the different possibilities. Overnight oats are [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Say Yes to Chicken Parm!!!

Wait, did you ask, I can do the AUTO Friendly Method, Solving Inflammation way of eating and still have Chicken Parmesan? Well - my answer is a shout back saying - YES! - YES YOU CAN!!! If there is a will, there is a way. The food (for me ☺) is one of the most [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Fruity Coconut Parfait – What Makes The Perfect Breakfast, Dessert, & Snack?

Fun fact about me! I was never a fruit person - as a child, I did not like fruit - even as an adult. I especially could not stand blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I started liking berries after Kate was born 16 years ago. She loved them and I figured if this small & adorable [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Is it Cauliflower? Is it broccoletti? No – it’s CAULETTI!

Is it Cauliflower? Is it Brocoletti? - No! It's CAULETTI!!! I was shopping the produce department at Wegman's and came across this unusual looking veggie. I was intrigued and once I am intrigued, I am ready to learn more! So I purchased a bag of cauletti and brought it home with me and could not [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Shrimp Marinara

I am always amazed when I realize that a staple recipe of mine has not hit my website! This one has been a fast go to for years because it's super fast, incorporates pantry items and frozen shrimp. I always try to have one bag in the freezer. It's a great option when you are [...]

Put YOU 1st & OPEN This Email! Before it’s gone….

Keep falling off track? Not sure where to start? It’s Time to Nourish Up! Starts April 6th! Here’s What YOU Get!!! 1 Hour ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls via Zoom​ with Coach Christi​ ​Nourish Up Forum, ​an exclusive & private “safe place” network for Nourish Up members only A live monthly cooking lesson (Zoom for now) with [...]

Nourish Up Membership Announcement

Have we worked together through a previous program?   I have the perfect solution to help keep your health on track! Accountability goes a long way!!! Introducing my newest membership – “Nourish Up”! You have learned the main fundamentals through either the 90 Day AUTO Friendly Method – Solving Inflammation or one of my Clean [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Artichoke Lemon Chicken

I always love to level up an original recipe! My Fast Baked Chicken has been a huge hit. Why, you ask? It's so fast and can stretch into so many other meals. From quesadillas, to chicken pasta, to chicken salad or sliced over a leafy green salad - it just keeps giving with all it's [...]

Membership Announcement

I have EXTREMELY EXCITING news coming from Christi Health Coach Headquarters! If you have done any of Coach Christi’s programs, then this is the perfect next chapter in your health journey! If you have never done a Coach Christi program, this is your chance to get ahead of your health and feel fantastic! If you [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Chicken Tenders Everyone Will Love!

Who doesn't love some good old fashioned chicken tenders? And these are sure to be a big hit with the kiddos and the adults! Bonus, they will never know that you added some extra nutrition to these tasty tenders. Rich in antioxidants, along with high in protein and fiber while adding a delicious crunchy coating [...]