Going “Old School” with the Crockpot – Chicken Salsa

I am always super surprised when I discover yet another one of my staple recipes that has not been shared with you all. Back story on this one is about 8-10 years ago. We had reconnected with some college friends at the beach and were talking about the challenges of parenting. Putting a healthy meal [...]

Comfort Breakfast Food for the Entire Family – Cassava Waffles

I can’t recall the last time I had a waffle! So it dawned on me, why not use my Cassava Pancake batter for waffles? Worst case scenario, they will make a big, gloppy mess. We are currently in the midst of my “Clean Eating for the Busy Person” program and the meal options are endless. [...]

What Happened in Cape May, Is My Gift To You!

My lovely Summer get-away trip to Cape May, NJ inspired these yummy & fun protein bites. We went to an adorable coffee shop, and they had an insanely delicious peanut butter banana protein ball. I ate mine on the ferry ride heading back to Fenwick Island. It was so good, I had to get the [...]

Last Chance! NO FOMO – Christi’s 14 Day Clean Eating Starts 9/13

Starts Monday – September 13th, 2021 A simple plan boosted with easy workouts to give you proven results FASTER!    14 Day Clean Eating for the Busy Person My name is Christi Davis and I live it every day! I've been exactly where you are. I gave up the battle with my weight a long [...]

You Need This! – Post Summer Fix – Clean Eating for the Busy Person

14 Day Clean Eating for The Busy Person Program A simple plan boosted with easy workouts to give you proven results FASTER!         I want you to know: I HAVE THE ANSWER. 14 Day Clean Eating for the Busy Person My name is Christi Davis and I live it every day! I've been exactly where [...]

Restaurant Fail – Allow My Eggplant Parm to Prevail

So, I recently went to an Italian restaurant – really craving pasta. I knew they had gluten free pasta and was excited to get something different from my “healthy” usual. I ordered it with a plain marinara sauce. I also ordered a side of steamed broccoli – to help balance out my carb indulgence. When [...]

Still Time to Have Your Pina Colada – Clean Eating Style + 50% Off Truvani Sale

It’s still very much Summer here! I recently had a client inspire this new creation (who does not love smoothies by the way). But you know me, I am always up for the challenge when it comes to making something taste good. Smoothies are like a daily treat to me, and I want her to [...]

Italian Anyone? Keep the Flavor & Modified for Clean Eating of Course!

Italian cooking is my heritage! I have drastically modified how I eat “Italian” over the years. This is a much cleaner approach but with all the pop of flavor you could ask for. And you can have on the kitchen table within 30 minutes. Winning! Prep is super simple for this meal. Check out these [...]

Who Can Say No To Chocolate, Peanut Butter and a Latte?

Decadent and oats – who would ever put these 2 words together??? Wish I could high five the person that came up with the overnight oats concept. Pure brilliance! And yes, these are certainly a decadent version of overnight oats. Considering that they include chocolate, peanut butter and brewed coffee, you can have this as [...]

Zucchini Bread – Chocolate Makes Everything Better 🙂

Would you believe me if I told you, this is my first ever zucchini bread? So silly but just one of those things I never tried making before. I have a list of recipes I want to try that is about a mile high. Others I still want to try include a made from scratch [...]

Summer Themed Salmon – Old Bay Style!

Ever get stuck in a recipe rut? Where you make chicken the same way, salmon the same way and just get sick of having it that “same way”? Well - that's where I was at with my beloved salmon recipe. Time to change it up and why not let Summer inspire a new flavor?! When [...]

A Healthier Chocolate Gooey Cookie Anyone?

Sometimes, some chocolate goodness just has to happen! And gooey chocolate makes it even better... I have always loved decadently gooey desserts and love that from time to time, I can still indulge in them. These cookies were such the perfect treat and pretty darn healthy. I may try them with coconut oil the next [...]

Not Your Average Sprouts! Straight from Coach Christi’s Vaca Week

Ok, so I just wrapped up my July vacation and it was refreshing, rejuvenating and much needed. I really took my own advice - disconnected from social media, enjoyed the moment and truly felt relaxed. Bottom line, we need this to be in our lives on the regular. We live in such a high stress, [...]

Green, Clean + 50% OFF Protein – Slim Down Smoothie

Ok so I may have a slight addiction to smoothies and smoothie bowls.   It's OK!!! When you can pack in so much nutrition into one of these suckers, it's kind of a no brainer! Click on above image – limited time - 50% off Truvani protein!!! You know what I love about this smoothie photo [...]

Post Pandemic Bod Goals – Here’s Your Perfect Way!

Starts Monday – June 28th Get that Post Pandemic Bod!!! A simple plan boosted with easy workouts to give you proven results FASTER! 14 Day Post Pandemic Clean Eating for the Busy Person My name is Christi Davis and I live it every day! I've been exactly where you are. I gave up the battle [...]

Over Covid? This is For YOU!!! Put the pandemic behind you – Clean Eating & Workout Plan

14 Day Post Pandemic Clean Eating for The Busy Person Program A simple plan boosted with easy workouts to give you proven results FASTER! How many times have you walked out of the dressing room upset that you had to buy a size bigger? Have you ever wished you could just drop 5lbs without having [...]

I Will Solve Your Smoothie Concerns! Join us Monday!

Don’t WORRY! It’s NOT TOO LATE! FREE 3-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge With Coach Christi Starts Monday, June 14th! Join the wait list here: Ever have these questions or concerns when making a smoothie bowl??? The texture isn’t right…. How much non-dairy milk do I use.... How much fruit do I use… Can I add any [...]

Smoothie Bowl Challenge

FREE 3-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge With Coach Christi Starts Monday, June 14th! Who doesn’t love a good smoothie bowl? They are not only delicious but also quite nutritious! I love having them out and about.  It’s so much fun to make them at home plus you get to add all your favorite toppings. Join the [...]

Podcast Interview Blog – June 3rd, 2021

Have to admit, it’s so much fun to do a podcast interview! I genuinely want to reach as many people as possible – helping them find their way to flourishing health. This is such a super platform for making that happen. This interview was hosted by Erika Rothenberger at Grit, Grace & Glitz. She made [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Nothing Like A Refreshing Summer Salad

We have certainly been feeling the Summer-like weather recently. ☺ The warmer weather is all the more reason to lean into some great tasting and refreshing salads. The lighter the better! I especially love adding some fresh fruit to a salad in the Summer months. Typically going for strawberries, blueberries, and of course avocado! Oh yum! This Honey [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: No ordinary VANILLA! Vanilla Maca Date Smoothie

Back in the day, when I first started having protein smoothies, my go to was a plain vanilla and medjool date concoction. Since adding many other fruits to my smoothie repertoire, I lost touch with it. It's crazy how indulgent these smoothies can feel yet they are packed full of nutrition! Adding the chia and flax seeds [...]

LAST CALL! FOMO? Then Don’t! Join & Slim Down

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Do you want to head into Memorial Day Weekend with…. Constant headaches, fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, bloated, low confidence…   Well – then DON’T!!! You have the power to make the change! Join me for the 5 Day Clean Eating Slim Down Here is what YOU get: Here is [...]

Not too late! – Slim Down for Memorial Day

Only YOU Can Put Your HEALTH First! Constant headaches, fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, bloated, low confidence…   These are the most common complaints I hear from my clients. They just want to get their life back and start feeling GREAT again! Here is what you get from the 5 Day Clean Eating Slim [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Not Your Average Outback Wings

I remember those younger years and eating out. We would commonly get a plate of hot chicken wings as an appetizer. Do you love getting hot wings when out to dinner? While they are super tasty, they are also filled with unnecessary calories, fat and additives. The saturated fat and high sodium content are the [...]

Feel Amazing going into Memorial Day Weekend! Slim Down in Just 5 Days!

SLIM DOWN in just 5 days! Starts May 17th - Don’t Miss out!   Tired about obsessing over calories? Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? Tired of pills, powders, and diet shakes? You definitely do NOT need all of that to get the results you want and need!   [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Eat Your Oats – Cold or Hot!

Now that we are in the heart of Spring, many don't think about oatmeal for breakfast. It tends to be a winter comfort food. To my pleasant surprise, overnight oats are absolutely delicious cold! There are so many awesome combinations for overnight oats. And it's so fun exploring all the different possibilities. Overnight oats are [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Say Yes to Chicken Parm!!!

Wait, did you ask, I can do the AUTO Friendly Method, Solving Inflammation way of eating and still have Chicken Parmesan? Well - my answer is a shout back saying - YES! - YES YOU CAN!!! If there is a will, there is a way. The food (for me ☺) is one of the most [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Fruity Coconut Parfait – What Makes The Perfect Breakfast, Dessert, & Snack?

Fun fact about me! I was never a fruit person - as a child, I did not like fruit - even as an adult. I especially could not stand blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I started liking berries after Kate was born 16 years ago. She loved them and I figured if this small & adorable [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Is it Cauliflower? Is it broccoletti? No – it’s CAULETTI!

Is it Cauliflower? Is it Brocoletti? - No! It's CAULETTI!!! I was shopping the produce department at Wegman's and came across this unusual looking veggie. I was intrigued and once I am intrigued, I am ready to learn more! So I purchased a bag of cauletti and brought it home with me and could not [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Shrimp Marinara

I am always amazed when I realize that a staple recipe of mine has not hit my website! This one has been a fast go to for years because it's super fast, incorporates pantry items and frozen shrimp. I always try to have one bag in the freezer. It's a great option when you are [...]

Put YOU 1st & OPEN This Email! Before it’s gone….

Keep falling off track? Not sure where to start? It’s Time to Nourish Up! Starts April 6th! Here’s What YOU Get!!! 1 Hour ​Weekly Group Coaching Calls via Zoom​ with Coach Christi​ ​Nourish Up Forum, ​an exclusive & private “safe place” network for Nourish Up members only A live monthly cooking lesson (Zoom for now) with [...]

Nourish Up Membership Announcement

Have we worked together through a previous program?   I have the perfect solution to help keep your health on track! Accountability goes a long way!!! Introducing my newest membership – “Nourish Up”! You have learned the main fundamentals through either the 90 Day AUTO Friendly Method – Solving Inflammation or one of my Clean [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Artichoke Lemon Chicken

I always love to level up an original recipe! My Fast Baked Chicken has been a huge hit. Why, you ask? It's so fast and can stretch into so many other meals. From quesadillas, to chicken pasta, to chicken salad or sliced over a leafy green salad - it just keeps giving with all it's [...]

Membership Announcement

I have EXTREMELY EXCITING news coming from Christi Health Coach Headquarters! If you have done any of Coach Christi’s programs, then this is the perfect next chapter in your health journey! If you have never done a Coach Christi program, this is your chance to get ahead of your health and feel fantastic! If you [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Chicken Tenders Everyone Will Love!

Who doesn't love some good old fashioned chicken tenders? And these are sure to be a big hit with the kiddos and the adults! Bonus, they will never know that you added some extra nutrition to these tasty tenders. Rich in antioxidants, along with high in protein and fiber while adding a delicious crunchy coating [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Best Blondie with a Low Sugar Twist

Over the weekend, I realized that baking has been off the table for quite some time. We recently closed out my 28 Day Whole Foods Reset and I was looking to create a fun and low sugar treat. After not having sugar for a while, I tend to be sensitive to sweets. While I have [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Clean & Healthy Salmon in a Flash

This is my 3rd salmon recipe! And it's alway fun recreating a simple way to prepare it. This comes together so quickly that anyone can squeeze this into their busy schedule! That's what we all need - simple, clean, & healthy!!! And that's exactly what I did here.  Salmon is a family favorite in the [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Garlic Cauliflower Rice

"Garlic Cauliflower Rice" It’s been around for a while now but very underutilized in my kitchen. Here is my reminder with all of it’s tasty & nutritious goodness! I used a medium head of cauliflower and removed the florets, then added in batches to my mini food processor pulsing until rice pieces formed. So insanely [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: A Fun Spin on Chickpeas

We are in the throws of a 28 Day Whole Foods Reset Group and it's going great! My participants are reaching out with how wonderful they feel - bloating is gone, feel more clear (brain fog gone), inflammation and pain is decreasing and losing some weight as a bonus. I am always looking for a [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: How to Naturally Sweeten Overnight Oats Hack

Breakfast is a favorite meal of mine! From smoothies to pancakes to oatmeal - I am all in. I am currently running a Whole Foods Reset group aiming to offer a nice variety of breakfast options. I added certified gluten free oats to the food list and wanted to come up with a way to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Chicken Kale Chili

It's our first Nor'easter of 2021! And what better way to take it on than with a hearty and healthy Chicken Kale Chili. I have to admit, this was a recipe I crafted based off of foods I had on hand. And it became "recipe worthy" without having to make additional modifications. I love to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: What’s Vegan, Comforting and Packed with Nutrition?

If you guessed, Root Veggie & Squash Soup - you get the gold star on this very fine Monday! This recipe is client inspired and when I was told about the basic ingredients, I was in! Simple soup is the best and when you get the added bonus of it being packed with nutrients - [...]

You Deserve a Clean Slate

“You Deserve a Clean Slate” Only a FEW Slots Remain!!!! Having a hard time finding the inner motivation to stay 100% focused on your health in 2021? Let me help you find the way. My 28 Day Whole Foods Reset starts soon (Feb. 1) and you don’t want to miss this! Recapture that energy Covid [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Clean Banana Cookies

Have to confess, I have never - as in ever - baked or cooked with almond flour. I have bought it before but never ended up using it. Why, you wonder? What health coach doesn't use almond flour? It's for personal reasons - our daughter is allergic to all tree nuts and I always felt [...]

Beating Covid Fatigue

“Beating Covid Fatigue” We all have high hopes of escaping the wrath of 2020 and get that fresh, new start we deserve. I will continue to think positive and lean on the fact, we will come out of this difficult time. As we are still in the thick of it, we can hold on to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Acai Smoothie Bowl

Acai has really grown in popularity - yet there are still so many people learning more about it. There are "bowl" restaurants popping up in towns throughout the country. They are like a magical treat - taste amazing and have some incredible health benefits. What is Acai? It's known as a berry when in fact [...]

Lessons of 2020

“Lessons of 2020” It’s been quite the year – the year of 2020. This will likely go down as one of the worst years for many. We have all been challenged on some level. How we have handled those challenges is what truly defines us. We have learned to adapt. From remote school and work [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Zucchini Fries

Cravings are a funny thing right? After a phone conversation with a dear friend, I was inspired to make these zucchini fries. She was having them with her dinner and I knew I had at least 3 medium-sized zucchini in my refrigerator. Back in the day, I used to love getting the zucchini fries at [...]

Should You Eat Nightshade Veggies?

“Should You Eat Nightshade Veggies?” I have a feeling, you may be asking, what actually is a nightshade vegetable? Next you may be wondering why I would ask if you should be eating veggies in the first place. Aren’t they all healthy? My answer is for the most part, absolutely – they are healthy. Although, [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Whipped Dairy Free Parsnips

So funny, because I never even gave a thought to parsnips before Thanksgiving 2019. To be 100% honest, I never even knew what they were. Well, my aunt brought whipped parsnips to our holiday dinner and I was over the moon in love with them. For a year now, I have been saying - "I [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Chicken, Black Magic Kale & Artichokes

Healthy & Fast are kind of my motto when it comes to dinner meals. I would say most of you would agree with that philosophy. As much as I love cooking, our schedules are becoming more and more demanding. And for a healthy meal to be appealing - it has to come together quickly. You [...]

So Much to be Thankful For!

“So Much to be Thankful For!” If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it has urged us to dig a bit deeper for appreciation of the smaller things. Ironically – the smaller things really are the BIGGER things – our Health is one of them. We as a society get caught up with our day to [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Spaghetti Squash – Chicken Sausage Veggie Sauté

I have been loving my last two weekend visits to the West Chester Grower’s Market. And it’s been so much fun to experience them with my clients. So many awesome options to choose from and such a huge variety. My food knowledge continues to grow and there are certainly some produce out there that I [...]

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder a Real Thing?

We are ALL certainly wired a bit differently, right? Well for some of you, your body thrives with as much daylight as possible. And for others, you enjoy the darker tones of winter and the cozy factor. With darkness arriving earlier in our day, we are getting less sun and daylight exposure as well. This [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday: Coconut Hot Cocoa

While the recent weather is not exactly conducive to a decadent mug of hot cocoa, we all know where this weather is headed. I was asked by a client to craft a dairy free version of this American winter favorite. And I am so happy that I did! I have many fond memories of my [...]

How To Not Gain During Holiday Season

"How To Not Gain During Holiday Season" Do you tend to overdo it over the holidays? As in everything? The spending, your time, the cooking, the wrapping, the cleaning, and the eating. It’s almost considered the season of indulgence anymore. Just overdoing it on all levels. My typical Christmas season in the past would start [...]

What’s Christi Cooking Monday – Veggie Tacos

If you take a close look at this recipe, it's pretty basic ingredients. One of the biggest misconceptions with eating healthy and "clean" is that it's too hard and time consuming to prepare the food. I would have to disagree with that statement. My past go to's included lasagna, chicken parmesan, meatballs and sauce from scratch. While yes, [...]

Halloween, Political Stress, Daylight Savings Ending – Oh My

Oh wait, did I forget to mention pandemic in this newsletter title?! Well, let’s just say, we certainly have a lot on our plates right now. It’s that spooky time of year – oh my! I don’t know what’s scarier – the thought of the oh so tempting Halloween candy, the upcoming election or losing [...]

What’s Christi Making Monday: Oven Roasted Chicken – Simple, Fast & Healthy

Well, let me tell you - an oven roasted chicken is one of the best things I ever tried. Why? Not only is it super juicy, tender and delicious but it is also awesome for setting up your weekly meal plan. I love playing the "how many meals can I get out of one chicken" [...]

My Fav Anti-Inflammatory Staple Foods

Having certain foods always stocked in your house can truly make the difference in maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet. This rule has helped me tremendously with staying the course. First – let’s revisit what inflammation is. Inflammation is the natural response of your immune system when it encounters a threat. Your body will naturally respond to [...]

Grocery Shopping with an Autoimmune Coach

I guess you can say I am not like most people. I love to grocery shop! Maybe it brings me back to being a young girl shopping all the time with my mom – hitting the local ShopRite (which ironically, I dreaded at the time). I never could understand why my mom would not buy [...]

Facing Q4 on a Healthy Note!

2020 is not quite over yet! Although I would say, we all could agree that it’s been the worst year ever. I could go on and on about why but let’s not focus on the negatives? We can look at some of the many amazing ways we can still take charge of our health to [...]

Eating Out & Staying Healthy

“Eating Out & Staying Healthy” Yes, this can be done! While many people look at going out to eat as a way to naturally derail from eating healthy, there are so many great, healthy options in restaurants today. Most restaurants are super about making accommodations based on food allergies, food sensitivities and even different diet [...]

Approaching Processed Foods – 101

“Approaching Processed Foods - 101” Silly me…. I commonly forget that not everyone truly knows what the difference between the two are. Just because this is my world, not everyone else is necessarily living it like I am. But it is my job as a Health Coach to continue educating as many people as possible. [...]

How “Natural” Are Natural Flavors???

The name “natural flavors” sound pretty healthy, right? When you hear that anything is natural, you automatically make the healthy connection. Well I am here to clear that up for you. Unfortunately, the marketing strategies our food companies use can be pretty misleading. Read on for the down and dirty on what natural flavors really [...]

Why Do A Whole Foods Reset?

If you know me at all, you may know that I am a big fan of clean eating. Maybe, just a little bit? 😊 Put a burger and fries in front of me and then leafy greens with chickpea salad and I will definitely pick the salad. I just don’t like feeling the wrath of [...]

I Messed Up – Making It Right with Back to School

Yikes! So, let’s back track a bit here. I know – who really wants to go back to the dreaded March of 2020? When the pandemic arrived, I hit the panic button. At first, we thought – things will be shut down for a week or two. Then that quickly expanded to one month and [...]

What The Gut – The Leaky Gut Syndrome

Click here to view video You have heard of it – but what is the deal with Leaky Gut Syndrome? Let’s start off with a fun fact! Did you know that the gut is the biggest immune system organ in your body? Well – yes – it is! There are many unknowns about Leaky Gut [...]

Autoimmune Fatigue Solutions & Fitbit Versa-2 Give-Away ($199 value)!

Click here to view video Fatigue – whether from an autoimmune condition or any other chronic illness, is no joke. Fatigue takes a toll on the body and in so many ways. There are some really great ways to approach fatigue on a more natural level. In my experience, my fatigue levels tend to ebb [...]

We All Have Something

Click here to view video As you read this title, you know what your “something” is. And just from knowing an array of you out there, your “something” can vary between having some sort of autoimmune condition, going through or recovery from cancer, having diabetes, heart disease, mental health challenges, chronic pain – the list [...]

Mid-Summer Pause, Self-Reflection & Honoring Yourself

Focusing on our mental health during this pandemic should be at the top of our list. Our mental health hugely plays into our overall health. Remember back in March when I had a free coaching session about stress management? Every day our worlds are evolving, being directly impacted with all that is happening. Every day [...]

Migraines & Autoimmune Disease

"Migraines & Autoimmune Disease" Ugh, the dreaded migraine. Unfortunately, too many of us experience these debilitating headaches on a regular basis. I have been encountering one too many this summer. They really do take such a toll and are exhausting. I am completely wiped out for days.  The fatigue hits me harder than the actual [...]

Why Organic???

Many people ask me that question – Why Organic? I can literally talk for hours about this topic. And I get it – the biggest objection I hear is – “it’s too expensive”. While yes, it’s going to cost you more in the pocketbook but in the long run, eating organic and cleaner will save [...]

Exactly What YOU NEED: Fast – Easy – Healthy Dinner Options

Cooking for more family during the Summer months means more recipe experimentation. We are all now officially working in this house, so time gets a little tricky. So – fast, easy, healthy recipes are a MUST! Thankfully, we are all on the same page about eating healthy food – no room for picky eaters. House [...]

Vegan – Nut-Free & Tasty Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Vegan – Nut-Free & Tasty Pumpkin Seed Pesto We live in a world of many food substitutions these days and for so many good reasons. There is an all-time high of food allergies, food sensitivities, specific diets (vegan/pescatarian/keto/etc.) people choose or need to be following. How fortunate are we to have so many wonderful foods [...]

Intermittent Fasting for Fighting Inflammation

Intermittent Fasting – is it a dieting fad or here to stay? I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the entire concept when I first heard about it. As soon as I heard the word “fasting”, I was not sold on the concept. But then I realized that I was almost naturally doing [...]

How To Experience A Healthy Summer

Summer 2020 has officially arrived! How did your New Year’s resolution go? It’s definitely been a rough one but allow me to help you transition into Summer in the healthiest way possible. All we can do is move forward now – no regrets. Remember that you have the power and control to make this a [...]

Overcoming Typical Diet Challenges

It happens to us all! We start out with the best of intentions and then – we come across an obstacle, go off course and have a tough time getting back on track. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating nutrient dense foods and getting regular exercise does not have to be hard. It’s having the [...]

Water As Medicine

What could I possibly mean – Water as Medicine? Ever hear of the “Blue Mind”? Well there has been research done regarding the effects of being around water on people. It’s been found that people that live near water are happier and healthier. Research is based on living near water or being around water in [...]

Going Into A Corona Summer

  Yay to the 10th Free Coaching Friday session! Time sure does fly – even when we are dealing with a pandemic. This week’s session was about approaching our summer while still dealing with the Corona Virus. We will have to take some things into consideration this summer when it comes to the virus. Firstly, [...]

Tips & Tricks to Quarantine Weight Loss

Tips & Tricks to Quarantine Weight Loss Have you packed it on during the Stay at Home order? Just realized that summer is just around the corner and now in “gotta fix it” mode? Well here are some really juicy tips on how to start losing the quarantine gain and getting your healthy back on! [...]

Prevalence of Food Sensitivity & Determining If You Have One

Click here to view video Prevalence of Food Sensitivity & Determining If You Have One Food sensitivity is definitely more of a hot topic in the health world today. More and more people are encountering food sensitivity signs and are wanting to get answers on why. There is such a huge range of signs and [...]

The State of Our Mental Health During Covid Crisis

Click here to view video The majority of us have never experienced a pandemic before and it has impacted everyone in some capacity. For those that were struggling with mental health prior to this pandemic, their situation has likely escalated. Our everyday routines have been majorly disrupted and 2 months in, it is definitely taking [...]

Reality of Living with MS & Autoimmune Disease

Click here to view video It’s been REAL this past week. Some of my symptoms started creeping in and I wanted to share the reality of what it’s like living with this invisible disease.  My week was filled with extreme fatigue, brain fog and headaches. Thankfully, my sleep was surprisingly good – likely due to [...]

Beating Your Inner Resistance – Habit Change

Click here to view video My question to you: “When this is over and you look back on this time (time of Staying In Place), what will you regret NOT getting done?” Ponder that for a bit… Our society tends to go about getting slim for all the wrong reasons. Who doesn’t want to look [...]

Need Better Quality Sleep? Check This Out!

OK so how can one not resist the above photo – had to include it – so crazy adorable!!! So, about sleep, how is YOUR sleep quality? Our sleep quality truly lays the foundation for the day. Didn’t have a good night sleep the night before? You can expect to be moody, less productive and [...]

Free Coaching Friday’s – Facebook Live

I’m Christi Davis, a Health Coach specializing in Auto-Immune Wellness and Weight Loss. My friends and family would tell you – I am a nutrition nerd who loves to cook and adores the beach. I went to college for Nutrition and always had a passion for food, good nutrition and exercise. At the young age [...]

Boost That Immune System and Combat Covid-19

Boost that Immune System – more important than ever before. I started a free coaching video series on improving your health. I will be hosting a third Facebook Live session this Friday, April 10th at noon. My topic is all about boosting your immune system. I tuned into an amazing summit over the weekend with [...]

One Day At A Time

One of the best pieces of advice my mother ever gave me was to take life, one day at a time. This mantra could not be any more applicable in the times we are currently living. Mom also told me to “live each day, not to get through it but to make it great”. She […]


This is the title of my newest book and I never thought I would be referencing this book title to talk about a health crisis occurring in our country and our world for that matter. But here we are in a state of quarantine and where I live, a “Stay At Home” order has been […]

Discovering The Silver Lining of Our Current State

How the nation and our lives have changed in just one week is pretty darn astonishing. One week ago, the kids were in school, I was just getting back from the beach (women’s business event), our son had his swim banquet at the country club and our daughter was going for PT. Now one week […]

March IS Autoimmune Awareness Month

Did you know that there are over 100 different types of autoimmune disease? The NIH (National Institute for Health) estimates that 23.5 million people in the United States suffer from some form of an autoimmune condition. The AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association) says that 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease (huge difference due […]

Does Wellness In The Workplace Work?

Measuring the overall effectiveness of workplace wellness is tricky to gauge. Yet when you look at the benefits listed below it definitely seems to offer many positive outcomes. I recently did two workplace wellness events and had overwhelming favorable feedback. The first event I did was a Smoothie Wellness employee appreciation. This was in concurrence […]

Feel Good Mood Foods

Food (the right food!) has the power to make us happy! It does come right down to that – food is some powerful stuff. Think about all the levels of how food makes you feel. From those comfort foods that instantly bring you back to your childhood to the foods you would not eat as […]


In life, we have many desirables – being healthy and fit always seems to be at the top of people’s lists. Think New Years Resolutions, wanting it for a summer ready body, an upcoming wedding, big high school or college reunion, etc. Yet even with the best of intentions, so many are unable to maintain […]

Relax and Be Happy

Just Relax and Be Happy What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? It does seem like the two get intermingled yet are very different animals. I have been dealing with anxiety for a good portion of my adult life. I can recall my initial bought of anxiety when taking my first job after graduating college. […]

Get OFF That Sugar Roller Coaster

Have you heard the saying, “sugar is more addictive than cocaine”? Did you know your brain lights up like a Christmas tree when eating sugar? So, let’s think about these statements. When shopping at the grocery store and not the perimeter of the store – talking about those center aisles – this is where all […]

WellNourish Wednesday – Pet/Animal Therapy

Pet Therapy How can one resist this fuzzy face??? The comfort of a pet or animal is like no other. It’s wonderful to see so many methods of pet/animal therapy available today. They provide such a sense of happiness and calm for people of all walks of life. Even when we are out and about […]

Finding Balance – Eating Nutrient Dense & Allowing Some Unhealthy Indulgences!

As far as we humans know up to this point, we get one shot at this life. And we better damn well enjoy and make the most of it while we are here. Making this all come together can be considered a juggling act. What’s to juggle? A heck of a lot! Family Life Work […]

Cooking Lessons – Sharing My Passion to Make Food Taste Good!

Cooking Lessons – Sharing My Passion to Make Food Taste Good!                I would love to emphatically say that every meal I make is absolutely amazing but there have been many fails along the way. It’s almost the challenge I love – have to keep trying until I get it right. And now with my […]

Giving Permission To Yourself – Seems Simple, Right? Think Again!

Giving Permission To Yourself – Seems Simple, Right? Think Again! The holidays are behind us and now we embark on a brand-new year – here we are 2020! So, what exactly is this giving permission to yourself thing all about? Maybe you can relate to what I am about to say or maybe you think [...]

Mindful Holiday

Mindfully Giving To Yourself This Holiday Season And here we are – one week away from Christmas! It does feel like the years are going faster and faster. This year I have taken a new approach to the holidays. My typical holiday planning is overloading my schedule, creating an oversized menu, baking 8-10 kinds of […]

The Power of Believing In Yourself

The Power of Believing is pretty powerful stuff! And what better time of year to talk about the power of Believing then now during the holiday season. When one truly believes in themselves – they are unstoppable – just like the above quote. No matter what goal you are looking to achieve – whether it’s […]

What is Considered Autoimmune Friendly?

Monday – December 2, 2019 First off, what is an autoimmune disease exactly? It’s a chronic disease where the body’s tissues are attacked by its own immune system. Our immune system is designed to fight off invaders including infectious agents. Think of it like your immune system on overdrive. The immune system in this case […]

The ART of Habit Change by Trial and Error

Monday – November 25, 2019 We are truly creatures of habit! Instilled in us from a very young age, our parents play a huge role into helping establish our original habits. It’s up to us as individuals to fine tune those habits and alter them for long-term health benefits. My short story on how my […]

Thanksgiving, HEALTHSgiving – How about both?

Monday – November 18, 2019 Yes, it’s that time of year! I feel like it was July yesterday – blinked and here comes Thanksgiving. We get to celebrate all that we are thankful for – most importantly family and friends. I am hugely grateful for my loving family and awesome friends – and love to […]

What does Breakfast and Intermittent Fasting have in COMMON?

Monday – November 11, 2019 What does Breakfast and Intermittent Fasting have in COMMON? All you keep hearing in the news is what celebrity practices Intermittent Fasting and how it’s making them look and feel younger than ever. Yes – Jennifer Aniston does it and how is she 50? Have you tried Intermittent Fasting yourself […]

Fall Back to Great Sleep & Digestion – Gut Hack

Monday – November 4, 2019 It’s that time of year – where the clocks go back gracing us with an extra hour yet taking away our sunshine earlier in the evening. With that, we also encounter our Circadian Rhythm being thrown off course. Some adjust better to the time change than others. And there is […]

The Perfect Fall Meal

October 31, 2019 When I think of Fall, the first things that pop into my mind are the beautiful Fall foliage, cozy sweaters, the crunching of leaves under my feet and warm comfort foods. This is of course, after I have mourned the end of my favorite season – Summer. Don’t get me wrong, I […]