I’m Christi Davis, a Health Coach specializing in Auto-Immune Wellness and Weight Loss. My friends and family would tell you – I am a nutrition nerd who loves to cook and adores the beach. I went to college for Nutrition and always had a passion for food, good nutrition and exercise.

At the young age of 28, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks cells in the brain and spinal cord. Each individual with MS – has their own unique journey, experiences, symptoms and outcome. Shortly after my diagnosis, I knew the only way to fight back was to embrace the power of positivity. I also knew that some major dietary and lifestyle habits had to change in order for me to feel my best and THRIVE with this disease. I was hungry to research and find out more about how to make the most of my life with this disease.

There is no cure for MS and my mission since 2001 has been to beat the exacerbations and not allow this disease to define me. My mission today is to help other people struggling with auto-immune disease and show them how to shine and live their best life through whole body wellness and permanent lifestyle change.



How many times have you started a new eating plan to revert back to your bad eating habits? I can help you stop the cycle for good. My 90 Day program gets to the real reason why you have not stuck to a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. We anchor this through a variety of habit changing methods. This does not include eating wheat grass every day!

My program does this at a sustainable pace making it realistic, manageable and achievable. We work side-by-side for 12 weeks truly customizing the program making it work specifically for YOU. My program keeps things real and fun while achieving your goals. We do all of this together allowing you to continue with a normal life – on a busy schedule, attend parties without the worry of what to eat and approach holidays without concern.


  1. I will NOT overwhelm you with information overload.
  2. I will NOT have you count calories.
  3. I will NOT make you deprive yourself.