• When I first met Christi, I had a lot going on in my life.  My own personal health was in jeopardy!  I had been on meds for diabetes and high blood pressure, but my sugar levels had just skyrocketed through the roof.  I was in a diabetic coma of sorts.  I was so tired and had no energy to even get off the couch.  With the help of my doctor, I was put on some meds that helped bring my sugar levels down to a normal level.  But it was Christi who really saved my life!!

    The first thing I did was the 21 Day Cleanse and then almost simultaneously signed up to do Christi’s 90 Transformation Program.  Right from the start, Christi taught me all about the right kinds of foods.  She taught me how and where to food shop for the right kinds of foods.  It is all about eating whole foods, organic foods, gluten free (if you need it), foods with low glycemic levels, and dairy free (if you need it).  She provided meal planning, videos, and recipes to teach the group all about how to eat and live healthier.  She was amazing!!

    The Cleanse really showed me what I could do to help my body get better.  I jumped right in and started making all these new recipes.  And it was so easy!!  I learned the power of eating clean and what foods my body could tolerate or might have been sensitive to while doing the Cleanse.  It was a challenge, but Christi was there for me every step of the way!

    After I finished the Cleanse, I progressed into the 90 Day Transformation Program.  The food and recipes stayed the same, but Christi and I had weekly telephone calls when she would educate me on things like eating mindfully, reminding me of my WHYs, portion control methods, and just brainstorming for new ways to exercise and get my body moving!  We worked on planning weekly meals together. She gave me organizational tips.  And she even checked in with me during the weeks to see how I was doing.  She held me accountable!

    Christi is passionate about her work!  She lives it every day for herself as well! She knows so much about nutrition and healthy eating…. she is absolutely a treasure!!  She is my strong supporter who helped me lay the foundation for a healthy life!  That is a forever gift that I will take with me always!  Thank you, Christi, for saving my life!!

    Ellen - West Chester, PA
  • Christi is an inspiration to me and helped me not only learn how to eat clean, but helped me throughout the following 90 days to stay on track and change my habits.  I started off doing the 14 day cleanse in June which encouraged me to continue beyond because my fatigue was gone, headaches gone, more energy, happier, less irritable, and so much more.

    Christi encouraged me by fostering new habits of eating, answering all of my questions, providing support when emotional eating was a serious problem, and reminding me that perfection is not required.  I would not have been able to do it without her, her support, and her program.  I lost 21 bs, lowered my blood sugar, and lowered my cholesterol.  Woohoo!!!!  I want to be around, healthy, for a long time.

    Theresa in MD
  • I met Christi on a cold morning last February strolling the aisles of a trade show. I was in excruciating pain from my arthritic knee and Christi spotted me immediately and asked what was wrong. Since that day I have had weekly Monday morning calls with Christi, gone through 2 resets, and stopped eating gluten, sugar and dairy. I'm not as good at it as Christi, and have had some detours, but I have improved my way of life and have lost nearly 25 lbs while learning how to be present with my meals and mindful of how my body feels. I am grateful for this journey that Christi has led me as I prepare to have a knee replacement. I feel stronger and better able to meet this surgery knowing that I can push through to recovery in better health!

    Paula D
  • I was on The 90 Day Weight Loss Transformation program which included a whole foods cleanse. Results produced a 40 pound weight loss, an awareness of food and its impact, my blood sugar went from the 180’s to the 120’s, and my energy was much higher. The key ingredient was Christi ... She personalized and worked with me to take the learning process slowly for when I was ready to embrace and commit. Highly recommend this program!!

    Michael D. West Chester, PA
  • Christi hosted a live lunch and learn session on the topic of Heart Healthy Lifestyle at United Electric Supply in February.  Her presentation provided a wealth of information surrounding Heart Health to include eating a healthy diet, managing stress, exercise and getting quality sleep.  She also provided healthy recipes through a digital cookbook.  The feedback that I received from my employees was so positive!  I would absolutely recommend Christi for live presentations as well as a health coach!

    Jennifer K. United Electric Supply
  • Christi is the perfect health coach! She’s combined her own real life challenges, her passion for practicing and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and her education, to make her an excellent well rounded resource for all things “health”! Christi educated me and provided me with the tools I needed to become more consistent with cleaner eating and healthier choices. She simplified things and guided me so that I did not get overwhelmed and give up. The changes Christi helped me make, not only lessen my MS symptoms...but help my mind feel clearer and my body healthier! Now who doesn’t want that? 😁

    Carol D. West Chester, PA
  • I've done two programs with Christi. She makes it fun and it's empowering to work on all her recommendations. She really practices what she preaches and I am inspired every time I talk with her. Can't wait for the next program!

    Mardee C. Wilmington, DE
  • The dedication and passion that Christi has to help others create a healthier lifestyle for the long term future is second to none. She works with you every step of the way to narrow down your goals, develop an action plan and help you achieve success. She is there to celebrate each baby step and milestone during the journey. It is amazing how many small daily changes and adaptations I made not only in my nutrition, but in my everyday habits and environment that has made an impact in my success so far. Christi will provide you the tools necessary to reach your personal health and life goals for the long term!

    Paige O West Chester, PA


  • Christi is so encouraging! Always positive and available.

    Beth R.
  • This group provided the accountability and motivation for me to move my body each day. Christi provided daily encouragement as well as exercises that accelerated my cardio and gave me the perfect energy boost for the rest of the day!

    Paige O.
  • I enjoyed the progression of the workout. The accountability helped me stay on track. I definitely feel stronger and notice a difference in the definition of my arms. Christi is so encouraging! Always positive and available.

    Lisa S.
  • This was huge for me. Accountability from this group and having support knowing others were “suffering” through it with me was key to getting it done everyday.

    Trish B.
  • This challenge was just what I needed go get me moving! It held me accountable to do my workout daily. Simple yet effective moves with modifications available as needed. I am finally in a daily habit now of working out & miss it when I don’t get it done! Looking fwd to the next challenge!

    Nicole J.
  • This challenge was motivating! I felt so great after each one! And I loved how you kept us going and you're encouragement❤️❤️

    Kate D.