If you know me at all, you may know that I am a big fan of clean eating. Maybe, just a little bit? 😊 Put a burger and fries in front of me and then leafy greens with chickpea salad and I will definitely pick the salad. I just don’t like feeling the wrath of the food – I love feeling good too much! And this did not happen overnight, trust me!

There are so many wonderful benefits to eating whole foods and a clean diet. The first thing it does is get you to your healthiest baseline. Then you can assess where you want to go with this way of eating moving forward – based on the results you get. Other areas, it can help address include – AKA ongoing symptoms:

  • Brain Fog | Cognition Challenges | Lack of Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Digestion Issues
  • Release Toxins

*Truly tune into what it feels like to have your body functioning at optimum capacity.

  • Food Sensitivities
    • Joint & Body Aches
    • Bloating
    • Constipation
    • Lethargy | Fatigue
    • Brain Fog
    • Neuropathy
    • Mood Swings
    • Acne

If you were able to determine a specific food causing any of the above, would you remove it from your diet?

Here is how this 21 Day Reset – Revive & Thrive Cleanse Works

  • Week 1: Prep Week
    • Receive your shopping list of foods and supplies / get your app set up (for reminders throughout the day) / recipe review / start weaning down on processed foods and coffee / meal planning and prepping
  • Week 2: Clean Eating Begins
    • Eat 3 full meals a day – all whole foods: veggies | fruits | lean proteins and even have a snack.
      • Feel satisfied and notice the sugar and salt cravings dwindle
    • Week 3: Reintroduction
      • 1st add back in gluten containing foods and journal how your body responds. Do for 2 days. Then back to clean slate eating for another 2 days. Choose your next suspected food that may cause issue – could be dairy, eggs, coffee, etc. Repeat the same protocol. You can keep going until you test all the suspected foods
    • Moving Forward Post Reset: Come up with an eating plan based on your results that you can commit to for the long-term. I can jump in and help with this part!

Do keep in mind that we are exposed to toxins on the daily. This is the air that we breath, the water we drink, the chemicals in our homes and of course – the food that we eat (especially processed foods).

Our bodies can get overloaded with these toxins so having a purge can only help your body get back to your optimal baseline. It’s almost like when your office, kitchen, bedroom gets super cluttered. You typically don’t want to go into that space because it’s too overwhelming to deal with. It negatively affects your overall productivity and you can’t do the things you want to get done. Everything gets all jammed up making it challenging to accomplish anything. Same holds true for all the toxins in your body. Your body can’t do all the things it was meant to. Plain and simple!

Lastly during the 21 Day Reset – we add in some self-care. I encourage you do some journaling, deep breathing or meditation, sun gazing, stretching, dry brushing and anything that gives you some Zen time.

You deserve to feel fantastic! Check out the additional information below:

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Cheers To Your Health,

Coach Christi

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