Have to confess, I have never – as in ever – baked or cooked with almond flour. I have bought it before but never ended up using it. Why, you wonder? What health coach doesn’t use almond flour? It’s for personal reasons – our daughter is allergic to all tree nuts and I always felt badly baking something that I know she would love but could not have. So I went about creating this recipe a bit differently.

I started with the nut-free version first. I came up with a combo of gluten free flours – had to increase the amount of bananas so they were the right texture (and not too dry). She said they were pretty good but I still wanted to try with almond flour. Now I have 2 containers on my counter – one with the combo flours and one with almond flour.

This recipe is client inspired! I have several clients that enjoy a sweet treat with their morning coffee or tea. Most cookies have added sugar, butter and nutrient deficient ingredients. I found a recipe with just bananas and almond flour – so these can be done with just those 2 ingredients. But me being me, I had to play with it a bit and give it a little more “cookie” love. Especially since it does not contain eggs or any of the other typical cookie ingredients.

Check out the ingredients in this image.

My recommendation is to eat these in moderation – as they are clean, they also are high in calories, since the base is almond flour. One should do the job with that morning coffee or tea. I would also suggest having a high protein, high fiber breakfast to help set the tone for satiety throughout your day. These should be considered an occasional treat – rather than an everyday go-to.


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