→ Fed up with pain and inflammation from an autoimmune condition?

→ Done with the weight gain roller coaster and always putting the weight back on?

→ Need a simple, manageable method to make mindful habit changes and put yourself first once and for all?

I have your solution!

Hi, I’m Christi Davis

I have been THRIVING with Multiple Sclerosis since 2001!

Now, I guide women in their 40’s & 50’s to put out the autoimmune inflammation fire, ramp up their energy and capture thriving health.

I know from experience what it is like to live with a chronic autoimmune disorder, suffering from unexplained symptoms before anyone would take me seriously, because I’ve lived it.

I want to show you how much easier life can be with a nutritious diet full of anti-inflammatory foods (that does NOT include eating wheatgrass and fish oil every day).

I’m glad you’re here on this journey with me. It shows that you are also on the path to better health, and I know the advice, recipes and encouragement I provide will help you get there.

What Is The Nourish UP Club?

→ Exclusive weekly anti-inflammatory recipes

→ Weekly shopping list with ingredient pics

→ Cooking demos for weekly recipes

→ Plus: Live Cooking Lessons

→ Plus: Monthly Anti-Inflammatory Themed Workshops

8/20/20 – Oh My Health … There Is Hope! Podcast

Find Your Healthy Place

15 Recipes That Will Reclaim Your Life:
These are just a few recipes that I am offering. Click below for ACCESS to more!

  • reduce inflammation
  • gain more energy
  • reclaim your life.

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