30 Day Healthy Habit Kickstart Program


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Focus: Get you in the healthy zone with core take-aways for starting new & healthy lifestyle habits.

Summary: You are ready to take-action and get started with better, healthier habits. This is the perfect starter program providing the initial tools for a healthy lifestyle. A perfect way to start with a fresh, clean slate and determine what you want from your health for the long-term. We focus on core habits to begin incorporating into your daily routine. This 30-day program shows you how to incorporate nutrient dense foods into your diet and determine the most energizing, optimal food along with the needed habits to stay the course. The 30-Day Healthy Habit Kickstart Program helps introduce you to long-lasting habit changes turning into daily routines. All of this with the added benefits of shedding a few pounds, having more energy, and gaining confidence in yourself!

Program Outline

  • Structure: 4 sessions at 45 minutes each . handouts & homework assigned each week
  • Importance of Meal Planning: Determine meals for the week . use for weekly shopping list
  • Meal Prepping: Finding what works for you individually
  • Essentials of a Healthy Lifestyle Schedule
  • Adopt Intuitive Eating Skills – Tuning into Hunger and Fullness Cues
  • Portion Control with fun tips & tricks
  • Supplied: 2 Week & Monthly Meal Planner Doc
  • Clean Eating Meal Plan Sample: You can customize to your liking
  • Movement/Exercise Accountability
  • Access to over 100+ clean recipes
  • Determine a healthy intermittent fasting period that works with your schedule.
  • Apply self-care techniques daily.
  • Experience all of the above without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

What to Expect From Your Health Coach

  • Support and guidance throughout your 30 Day Healthy Habit Kickstart Program.
  • Guidance to gain energy and confidence by feeling empowered with all your decisions to succeed.
  • Post Program: Option to proceed with a 90 day plan transitioning inflammatory foods out of your diet and introducing high energy foods. Provides lifestyle habit change for thriving long-term health and overall success.

What I Expect From YOU

  • Show up for yourself daily to maximize the 30 Day Healthy Habit experience.
  • Believe in yourself – your worth – your health and the goals you are aiming to achieve.
  • Be forgiving of yourself! No one is perfect . this is a journey . not a race.

Program Price: $597.00 (payment can be made using PayPal QR Code below or add to Cart)

Program Contact Information:

❖ Contact christihealthcoach@gmail.com | 570-472-4184


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